Sunday, April 16, 2006

I've been using the term "ultraterrestrial" to denote secretive humanoids living in our midst. I should note that this term was coined (to the best of my knowledge) by John Keel, a maverick thinker on UFOs and Forteana. Keel's ultraterrestrials (described in "The Eighth Tower") are essentially denizens of parallel universes; Keel posits an electromagnetic "superspectrum" populated by various intelligences, some of whom downshift to our level and proceed to wreak paranormal mayhem on mystified humans.

While I'm intrigued by the implications of parallel worlds -- whether Keel's superspectrum or something more in keeping with contemporary cosmological thought -- "my" ultraterrestrials are local. While they might possess "paranormal" abilities, they live right here on "our" Earth. So I'm respectfully disposing of the "ultra" label and replacing it with "cryptoterrestrial," which carries less Keelian baggage. And unlike "cryptohominid," another term I've batted about, it doesn't immediately bring to mind large, hairy primates of the "Bigfoot" variety.


W.M. Bear said...

If I ever write a book on anomalistics (a dubious proposition at best!) one of my first points will be to "debunk" all the interdimensional and parallel universe crapola that see bandied about by paranormal researchers in an effort to get explanatory traction for various anomalistic phenomena. But, I mean, who really knows? And that's exactly my point. These terms get bandied about without the bandiers-about having any clue as to what they're really talking about (if anything). Because it strikes me that these kinds of terms get used primarily for their scientific cachet (such as it is) and not any genuine explanatory power. The test of explanations should be their predictive power and I have to say, I am not seeing that. (Of coures, I am not a professionl student of the subject either, just a rank amateur. What do I know?)

Anyway, that's partly why I like your "down to earth" explanation of a parallel (and related) species of earth-dwellers. And "crypto" strikes me as an apt prefix because it implies real (but simply mysterious or unknown) critters not too unlike ourselves. It also connects them to cryptohomids and cryptozoology in general which, if they are truly as indigenous to Earth as we apparently are, makes a lot of sense. Go for it!

Speller said...

Like you said who knows. To close your mind to the possibilities is the worst thing a person can do. Science doesn't know the truth and neither has religion done a good job. Debunking and being a skeptic are easy things to do. So is hiding ones head in the sand in hopes that the phenomenon will go away. Sorry, bud, but the paranormal, UFDO's, extraterrestrials are here to stay and they are going to be more numerous in the near future. Having beings or as you say critters being connected to humans is not tenable. What about bigfoot. There is something out there that is causing these things to appear and disappear at will (and can't be caught). So saying that these things are indigenous to the Earth, makes no sense what so ever.