Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Army Seeks Fountain of Youth in Body's Powerhouses

"The past twenty years have seen a revolutionary breakthrough in understanding how mitochondria function," the Army adds. And military-funded scientists have tried to take advantage of that increased knowledge, researching new ways to use mitochondria to give soldiers more strength and stamina.

Meanwhile, Bruce Sterling comments on The Economist's recent article on the abolition of aging:

This isn't that weird an article; I mean Aubrey de Grey has been at it quite a while, mitochondria aren't a big secret and even Tim Leary was way into "life extension" before he died of old age... the weird thing is that the Economist is a *business magazine.* Yeah, it's an *investment opportunity.* Get in on the ground floor with the boosted soldiery and the biotech VCs.


razorsmile said...

And like so many other things, Peter Watts got to it pretty early:

"The ultimate pep pill. Under the right conditions the thing pumps out ATP so fast you could roll a car over single-handed. Makes mitochondria look like yesterday's sockeye. Soldier with ├čehemoth in his cells might even give an exoskel a run for the money, if you feed him enough." - "Behemoth" by Peter Watts.

Mac said...

I'd forgotten that particular bit, but thanks for reminding me.