Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Author, researcher and comrade-in-arms William Michael Mott takes on the "UFO Iconoclasts" (see comments).

I encountered Mott's work well after I began writing the first of the essays that have since found their way into "The Cryptoterrestrials" and was surprised to find that our take on the UFO enigma was intriguingly similar.

To explore Mott's ideas online, click here.


Greg Bishop said...

He really stuck up for you. That site always annoys me with it's smugness. I don't necessarily disagree with them (?) it's just the constant use of different forms of the word "is" that grates on the nerves of people who suspect that no one knows everything.

I notice that the author will often frame the discussion on his terms in order to appear correct in debates. The posts often seem designed to annoy and irritate, which doesn't usually attract my interest.

Mac said...

Mott's a good guy and a diligent scholar of the weird. The "Iconoclasts" -- as far as I can tell -- thrive on attention. Actual ideas appear to be a secondary matter.

Anonymous said...

I'm having real problems getting them to state their sources on another post, which I would have thought was a basic pre-requisite as out here at the fringe we get a bad enough reputation for accepting rumour as fact.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why anyone even bothers with Reynolds and his silly crew. They're nobodies postulating falsehoods into the air, waiting for someone to listen. They are fools.