Monday, January 28, 2008

'Demons in the Dark'

UFO spotters endure endless jokes about their experiences. But even people who debunk the very notion of UFOs take them seriously. "No one should make fun" of Stephenville's UFO spotters, says Theodore Schick of Muhlenberg College, a liberal arts school in Allentown, Pa. They "had a real experience that's out of the ordinary." But Schick and experts in physics and human psychology say the experiences have scientific explanations.

Schick and others offer valid insight into the process of observation, and they could very well be right. But the assumed definition of "scientific" that pervades this article excludes the very existence of nonhuman technology. Such a consummately unscientific stance bolsters the shopworn argument that unusual phenomena such as UFOs remain the domain of "belief." In other words, the debunkers appear to be saying, we'll never know certain things about our universe because we'll always be at the mercy of flawed perception and the subsequent application of wishful thinking.


Anonymous said...

This is one of the most blithe, uninformed, just plain lousy articles I've ever read about ufo's. It doesn't even try to be dismissive--it just suggests ufos _can't_ exist, in the sense that any of them may represent some form of non-human intelligence.

The author, Charles Euchner, is completely unqualified, and only used skeptical sources. It ignores the entire actual historical record of the ufo phenomenon.

Newsweek's quality of journalism, if that's what it can be called, amounts to not much more than disinfotainment. Incredibly lame.

Check out the comments at the link about the article--Euchner gets torn to pieces, and mostly for very good reasons.

Mac said...

Euchner gets torn to pieces, and mostly for very good reasons.

Glad to hear it. I've totally given up on the mainstream media to cover anything "weird" with credibility.