Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Greg Bishop's latest post highlights some (in)famous photos of alleged aliens. (I think I first saw the photo of the "little man" in elementary school; while it didn't fool me, it helped pique my curiosity.)

To me, the last photo Bishop exhibits (see above) is the most intriguing. It certainly looks "real" enough to have cropped up in a TV or movie production but, curiously, its provenance remains unestablished. Note the twisted (?) neck, suggesting a fatal crash.

(At least one reasonably high-profile "abductee" with whom I've corresponded has expressed surprise at the being's resemblance to the aliens prevalent in his own close encounters.)


Anonymous said...

The last (and the for this thread) is a PHOTO??? I always thought it looked like somebody's very "artistic" rendering in the form of a line drawing -- the sepia-ish cast, the etching-like quality of the lines. Interesting, if it's a photo....

Mac said...


Yeah, it's a photo (supposedly from a film.)