Sunday, August 16, 2009

Triptych #14

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Elise said...

these pics are awesome...

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Blues Tea-Cha said...

NASA Curiosity mission to Mars

spam has come since i was here a while ago


triptych #14
2012-08-20 -- 2014-08-19

Email follow-up comments to yourself

Dia Sobin said...

BTC - Not a bad idea, but too much sh*t has already been deposited here... Triptych 1 is clean... and I kind of like Photomania... but I'm afraid the evil spammers are just going to follow the links you left in your message... maybe you should delete that message... but then, how to post something cryptic others can follow? I'd post something on PMB, but that might even lead to undesirable results...
Too bad we can't send smoke signals! ;-)

Blues Tea-Cha said...

Dia - Spammers might follow a link,
but if they were doing that,
wouldnt they follow the other links
to spam sites? I think the problem is many dozens of links in mass media with millions of readers (e.g. NYT) pointing to that Triptych#15, not just one link. Having many links tells the spamster that many eyeballs will go there. It seems a step further removed, anyway, and could mean a factor of ten less spam. However, spam may not really be the problem anymore. There may not be enough minds with a holographic image of Mac to reconstruct a Mac-like vibe --minds that care to do so, anyway.
I am beginning to lose any hope that intelligent intervention can keep a corner of PHB alive. The comments I posted reflected more my brainstorm a few weeks ago when I wrote some notes about it than my present feeling, which is more resigned, to be honest.
I thought I'd try to be true to my original concept by the self-imposed deadline of Mac's BD. Maybe I'm just feeling depressed now. Re-booting from #1 is an interesting idea, too.

Blues Tea-Cha said...

Interesting that you use the word S#*t, because the impression of writing on a fresh comment thread is not so much like stepping into freshly fallen snow as much as it is into a fresh dogpile. Btw, i wonder if picasso face-painter d0nn@ ©h®1$t3ns3n above knows she is not human?
"Are you for real?"

Dia Sobin said...


I don't know... looking a little bleak. I dig where you're coming from, but I really don't know how the land lies anymore... maybe it's time to bow out gracefully... maybe not. Time will tell. Meanwhile, nothing's to stop any of us from just leaving Mac-messages anywhere we damned-well please while this blog is still operational - leaving little flowers amid the spam-debri. Our aim is true. I've got this page tagged, but maybe #1 is a better idea. Actually, it's kind of cool - this wormhole idea... very stealth... we can leave little clues around like bread-crumbs... though, let's face it: there are no safety nets on the internet... and not ever enough privacy.

Peace out.

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