Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Czech supermodel I've never heard of has taken a special interest in me. Don't believe me? Dig it:

Czech Supermodel and Journalist Martina Tycova Sends Open Letters to Rob McConnell of The X Zone Radio Show Challenging Kal Korff's "Kritics"

Martina Tycova, a world recognized Czech and international supermodel, is now in the process of sending several letters to Rob McConnell of The "X" Zone Radio Show concerning Paul Kimball, David Biedny, Mac Tonnes [sic], Royce Myers III, and Kevin Randle asking them how they now intend to handle the issue of printing and announcing their formal retractions before their consequences increase still further. Ms. Tycova is working on a series of books exposing their various claims, as well as a biography detailing her years working on assignments with Kal Korff and involving the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services.

Miss Tycova's information will be certified by Rob McConnell of The "X" Zone Radio Show as a neutral third party before the public during live broadcasts of Mr. McConnell's show. Afterwards, each letter will then be sent to each respective party for an official response in order to document for the global public their reactions, if any.

This is, of course, a typical "press release" from Kal Korff, a much-disliked would-be UFO researcher whose latest gimmick is blogging on a site called "" I don't know how I got dragged into this delusional mess, but I'm betting Korff noticed I was pals with his nemesis Paul Kimball and decided I was overdue for a scathing lesson in international relations.

Can it possibly get any kookier? You betcha!


W.M. Bear said...

About to have your claims exposed by a Czech supermodel? Sounds like you're in BIG trouble to me! ;-D

Mac said...

I'm quite concerned, as you can imagine.

Anonymous said...

Here is the simple truth:

Kal Korff is Krazy.

Mac said...

Kal Korff is Krazy.

I know. Everyone knows. Part of me feels a little bad about finding amusement in his cognitive plight -- but I'll take a good laugh when I see it.

Paul Kimball said...

I'll take a good laugh when I see it.


"We all live in a yellow submarine..."

Happy April Fool's Day!

e said...

better hope she ain't a Ceylon.

Carol Maltby said...

The typo in your surname has been corrected. I guess now you can invoke the "Any publicity is good, as long as they spell my name right" clause. ;)

She's planning to write a series of books on Korff's critics. Do you think you'll get your own book, or would you have to share one with Paul? Maybe that would make your publishers reprint ATMA.

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you guys, Kal Korff is a psychopath. And he's not even a very good one.

Anonymous said...

all you are getting is a book?
Who reads?
Kevin Randle is getting 10 tv shows put out by the man himself!!
(read it while its still posted)

Geez, does this man have any family that can help him?

Mac said...

Kal's idiocy was funny at first. Now I'm just tired of it. I get a creepy feeling when I read his posts ... the dude's not all there.

Anonymous said...

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