Thursday, February 21, 2008

UFO Provocateur(s)? UFO Loser(s)

The RRR Group has founded yet another allegedly UFO-related blog, this time called the UFO Provocateur(s). In their first post they blather on again about how ufologists are all idiots and so forth - you know, the usual.

They also use an unattributed picture me of me drinking a beer. What can I say? They've nailed me. I mean, I'm not going to be able to live this down. Even my cats refuse to acknowledge my presence. Damn you, UFO Provocateurs!


Katie said...

HEY! That's MY picture they're using. Want me to bitch and have it taken down? :o)

Paul Kimball said...

I can attest to the fact that Mac does in fact imbibe, especially when he's here in the 902 and the cast members don't show up for the closing night party until 2 am. When that happens, there's always plenty of beer to drink! ;-)


Anonymous said...

That's a fun picture. I *want* my esoteric punditry to have a bit of fun attached to it. Guess I'm immature or something.

Anonymous said...

My god...forget the beer, he's got hair!


Anonymous said...

What can I say? They've nailed me. I mean, I'm not going to be able to live this down.

I see only two solutions:

* Back up and never darken the Web again.

* We start some kind of meme (the Mac whack? Tonnies funnies?) whereby we have to try and work in a photograph of you drinking no matter who convoluted the reasoning is.

How many blogs does one group need? Surely a dozen is enough for anyone? Having one specifically where they mention some clever bit of research, beg Vallee to return to Ufology and then insult people (presumably the ones stopping Jacques return) seems like overkill.

I also wonder if they wanted to name their blog after the Provisional IRA (UFO Provo being a scary thought - bad enough when they just had guns and rockets guns).

Anonymous said...

Hey, Katie, the provocateur(s) now have a new post, and it includes yet another ripped-off photo [yours?] of Paul and other ufological associates "enjoying themselves." How sinful! All too...human! How dare they express some non-Puritanical humanity...

You know, I just have to say that Reynolds and his tin-foil-headwrap philosophy about appropriate ufo investigative techniques and abstruse philosophies are becoming a bit much, and (also on display for all to wonder at, that is, when not laughing at) the silly ignominious "opprobrium" he tries to express in an absurdly serious manner, all the while showing just how absurd and narrow-minded he and his "Team Venture" brothers really are, in their attempts to smear others (while only expressing his own sadly not unique and insistent 'net brand of disturbed pathology), becoming a sad nano-joke.

The guy is the very definition of a provocateur and finicky little crackpot--he should have included himself and the symbiotic RRR "group" gropers (in the dark) as his very first post under his UFO Provocateur(s) schadenfreude-laden amateurish pseudo-serious attempt at yet _another_ deranged blog. More than a mad baker's dozen, so far.

Of course, that's just my considered opinion. He's one egregious jerkoff, IMHO. Yet, he proves this just about every day...a very sad, miniscule man. For someone of his age, he should be ashamed, but he can't or won't admit the obvious.

I almost feel sorrowful pity for his antics and erratic mental malaise.

Almost, but not quite. The man has a plan. It is not a good one, nor very healthy in the direction it has taken. He's also a proven liar and confabulator. And, oblivious to the facts that have been presented to him many times in the past about this kind of behavior.

I could and will say much more if he decides to stay the course of his own self-immolation and refutation. He has a history of doing this kind of thing, and will be exposed, by himself, as he continues on this dark and truly idiotic path.

He is self-destructive, and wants anyone else he perceives as "thinking differently" than he does, or disagrees with as to their approach to ufo/uap analysis as worthy of his blatantly stupid, anti-intellectual rock-salt puny shotgun blasts of feeble, counter-intuitive, and contradictory junior-college rhetoric, always directed at others he cannot abide. He invites you to come with him, to join in his sloppy orgy of self-denial and defeatism.

I'll leave it there for now, but his self-abusing intent and projectionist, egomaniacal motives will soon be on full display if he persists in this sick and distorted pathological, narrow trail of simply gimpy crocodile tears.

'Nuff said for the moment. You have been warned, Richie Rich and manipulated crew of parasitic sophists. What do you do for an encore, now? You're a transparent embarrassment. Crawl back into your slimy, mold-infested cave before it's too late for you to recover any superficial sense of decency and honesty. Think about it, at least.