Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The "Grays" as posthumans

The anonymous speaker in this video quickly encapsulates all of the salient concepts that make the alien "Gray" mythos so appealing. In effect, the Grays are portrayed as failed posthumans who have so recklessly abandoned their own humanity that they've been forced to become genetic vampires.

This context is especially interesting in that it allows the Grays to be portrayed as sympathetic, demonic or both.

The plight of the Grays isn't necessarily inconceivable. Indeed, I can see humanity shedding its capacity for empathy as an adaptive response to the challenging conditions of the next few hundred years. If our species loses some arbitrarily defined sense of existential placehood, to what lengths might we go to get it back?


Anonymous said...

Speaker: "You're referring to the idea of our civilization's creation? As a hybrid race between the humans and the beings you call the grays? Just very briefly, the idea is that the beings that many of you have called the grays are not really technically aliens. They are humans from a parallel dimension who have mutated themselves through certain acts that have prevented them from feeling certain kinds of emotions and being capable of reproducing. In order to perpetuate their civilization they had to find viable human DNA and since no longer human DNA existed in their reality, they had to tunnel with their technology into a parallel reality, such as yours, to find human DNA to add to their own and to manipulate it to determine that the civilization that they had created would continue through the creation of a hybrid race, of which we are one. Will that do? Thank you!"

If you read the above transcript excerpt, you will notice there are some, ah... logical inconsistencies. This seems derived from Strieber's "The Grays," although somewhat distorted and contradictory.

The speaker is Darryl Anka, who since 1983 has presented himself as "Bashar," a new agey, multi-dimensional extraterrestrial speaking through Anka via psychic channeling from the future.

Anka also claims to be an alien abductee/contactee. He has the requisite audio and video tapes of his lectures for sale, and a couple books listed on Amazon.

See: http://www.bashar.org for some intriguing lecture videos.

Not much to say here that shouldn't be obvious, but I do find it an interesting puzzle that beings (that were once human, remember--in prehistory?) that could 1.) "tunnel with their technology into a parallel reality" (such as ours--?), and who it is implied 2.) modified their own DNA, both of which suggests very advanced technology, now somehow have to obtain human DNA to repair the mistakes they made in modifying their own DNA, leaving them barren, etc., and in order to continue. Gosh, what a bunch of cosmic screw-ups, eh?

RRRGroup said...

An interesting, not outrageous hypothesis.


Anonymous said...

I love that he says "tunnel into a parallel reality, such as yours" instead of "such as ours"... maybe I'm just reading too deep into this...

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