Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wheels within wheels

See what a real-life warp-driven starship might look like

The physics behind the warpship is purely theoretical: "Dark energy" needs to be understood and harnessed, plus vast amounts of energy need to be generated, meaning the warpship is a technology that could only be conceived in the far future.

That said, Obousy's warpship design uses our current knowledge of spacetime and superstring theory to arrive at this futuristic concept.

Look familiar? I'm reminded of the hyperspace transport featured in "Contact" (shown below).

Meanwhile, scholar William Henry suggests that the hypothetical "warpship" bears a significant resemblance to the enigmatic "wheels" described by Ezekiel in the Bible.

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kcotae said...

Most things that can be imagined come into reality. Proving? It isn't imagination at all, but "downloads" from an higher source. A trickle of knowledge to receptive humans from ET or "The One" I like to believe that humans are just slave units to the master "computer" It learns and grows through the senses of humans and other beings.

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