Sunday, August 10, 2008

Film-maker/videographer Greg Hemmings saves me the effort of recounting my recent jaunt to Wyoming and Wisconsin in this Kerouacian account. (Hemmings' professional site can be found here.)

I especially like this anecdote:

We climbed a huge mountain to film up an observatory. In fact it was an infrared telescope that could see a quintillion miles away. Mac did his first bit of b roll filming, checking out the scope, looking over the cliffs, running into guy wires. It was horribly funny actually, I was doing a hand held tracking shot of Mac walking around the observatory, I had asked him to look to the side as if he where walking and admiring at the same time, then WHAMMO! One of the electrical pole guy wires nailed him in the face! He was lucky it didn't slice his face right off his head. We all had a chuckle, Mac laughed.

Fortunately, it's all on tape; with any luck it will wind up on YouTube.

In a couple weeks I'll be departing for Arizona and California to film additional interviews with astrobiology/SETI luminaries. Watch this space.


Anonymous said...

Very entertaining account. I think he nailed you with his description of your Maggie Turnbull encounter, but then how could you help but be enthralled with such a bright and attractive lady.


Mac said...

Was it *that* obvious? ;-)

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