Friday, August 29, 2008

I plugged the USB cable into my new camera and downloaded the photos I took on my trip. The resolution and color are so beyond anything I've ever used before that it's actually sort of startling.

I've begun the rather tedious process of uploading my favorites to Flickr; I've begun a new set devoted entirely to high-resolution shots, where I'll publish most of my new photos (although I'll occasionally post resized versions here on the blog).

I'm excited at my new ability to "film" brief movies. The more I think about it, a Posthuman Blues YouTube channel of some kind strikes me as a good idea, although I should probably wait until I learn some basic video editing.

The pictures in this post were taken in Tucson and San Fransisco. I had an especially great time traipsing Haight-Ashbury with my hosts Mike MacDonald and Greg Hemmings. Hippie culture, with its ubiquitous specialty shops and panhandlers, was a strange and welcome surprise.

From some travel notes jotted on hotel notepad: "Dreadlocked hunchbacks cowering under anonymous smoke and fickle neon. Landscapes of commerce and graffiti, ghosts of hippie gods resplendent and reiterated."

I sometimes wonder if I could live more or less perpetually "on the road," given a plausible excuse. I'm leaning toward "yes."

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