Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bill of Rights Under Bush: A Timeline

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mr. intense said...

Thanks, Mac, for this very timely pointer to the timeline of BushCo. crimes against the constitution, bill of rights, and democratic principles of law.

How many know that the Bush admin ordered the NSA to begin mass domestic telecomm surveillance, without warrants and in violation of FISA regs, under Project "Groundbreaker," within the US over nine months _before_ 9/11?!

Given today's public, sanitized release of the NIE from the NIC/ODNI, that Iran gave up plans for development of nuclear weapons in the Fall of 2003 (which, I suspect, had something to do with this little conflict in Iraq the US started), and that the chimp and his associated lower primates, like Cheney, et al, knew this, were most recently informed in detail about this fact, and still recently made egregious, intentionally provocative statements about Iran's (abandoned) nuke plans/efforts, that could lead to "WW III", in order to pump up the discordant volume of "warthink/propaganda", despite the very well known facts contradicting these false claims, it should be realized these bastards will lie about anything in order to reinforce the falsehoods and regressive policies of the "neo-con" agenda of world dominance and imperialistic hubris.

What dicks! Only a little more than 400 days left of the very worst, fascistic administration in our entire history.

These criminals should be impeached, convicted, and imprisoned for a very long time. They provably deserve it. Watched Stephen Hadley's presentation of the NIE on CSPAN last night--what slimy contortions of fact Bush's national security advisor spewed--simply amazing.

Wish the Democrats in office had more of backbone to do something real about all this, but not holding my breath.