Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Deep down, you know you want to be a cult leader. This video tells you how!

(Big thanks to Mike C.)


Anonymous said...

Community of Christ in Independence is a cult

Mac said...

Independence is precisely the sort of community that cults prey on.

Anonymous said...

Dysjunction--that video was both humorous and scary, simultaneously.

Everything noted in this short (12 minute) video is how cults operate and recruit. Very good, watchable, summary.

A couple of cultish Christian and new-age-ish groups tried to once recruit me--their tactics sickened and repelled me in their obvious grasping delusions in each case after first contact--naturally, as someone relatively sane, I left after each of the first meetings.
Love-bombed by the Xians, and told to "Go For It!" (huh?) by the new-agers.

One aspect used on me, not covered in the video, is how young women are used to attract young men into such groups, using very deceptive tactics. Pure manipulation in its most base form.

Once went to an EST-ian "Forum" intro meeting ($600!) for an all day cult initiation--I was making notes, and the shrill, crazed woman "facilitator" noticed that, made me a scapegoat, and ejected me from the "clubhouse."

But not before I said what had to be said about how abusive Forum mind-control techniques were--urged others to leave with me, but in an audience of over 250 people, not one left other than me. I felt angry _and_ proud.

Got my money back, too, after some effort and time. God, that video brings back depressing memories.

Only went to the Forum meeting out of curiousity, and because a good, former friend strongly recommended it; he was recruiting, too. All between 20 to 30 years ago. Organized memetic delusion and sickness, viral in quality and effect.

So, it occurs to me, what are the three largest cults on earth today? My guesses:

1. Christianity?
2. Islam?
3. "Statism"? (China/Russia/etc.)

Can you say, "Jaaayzuuus!"

I am reminded of the end of the movie, "Fight Club"--watch it and you'll understand how destructive groups like the above are, by their very nature and bogus belief systems.

And over 90% of earth's population is infected with false belief constructs (religious or other). Is it any wonder we are heading for a _man-made_ hell? Pity the young...they are the most vulnerable to this most black of all forms of lying and propaganda.