Saturday, December 08, 2007

E.T. Sex Can Be Out Of This World

No longer content with Earth women, a large number of guys are claiming wild sexual encounters with hot space-babes from the other side of the galaxy. And girls are getting in on the alien action, too.

One of the most celebrated cases on record occurred in October 1957. Twenty-three-year-old Antonio Villas-Boas claimed he was taken aboard a UFO from his family’s farm in Brazil late one evening, whereupon he was introduced to a short, naked space-girl who made it very clear to the startled farmer what she wanted.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mav ..Now I know why you were on that naughty magazine..

Im sorry but im not sleeping with any alien unless a valid NYC or sfc health card is displayed and validated for within the last 24 hours.
no space herpes for me.
It better be one of those 4d holographic ones too!
one can never be too careful ..

Mac said...

Space herpes is the least of my worries; some space-women will implant their wriggling, fanged spawn in your chest when you're not looking! (Or so I've heard ...)

Anonymous said...

Jeez, what a tawdry piece. And writing for "The Naughty American'? Hope Nick got paid well for this bit of sleaze.

Mac said...

I don't see it as "sleaze." The cases, say what you will about them, are based on actual testimony. What's wrong with a recap aimed at a general audience?

Anonymous said...

Well, for one thing "The Naughty American" isn't really aimed at a general audience. It's parent and associated websites are porn sites.

Also note the graphic of the little green alien screwing the girl. Not exactly mainstream. The content of the article is aimed toward the audience of the website, which is also not a "general audience"

I also had my 5 year-old nephew sitting on my lap, looking at scenes from the Pixar/Disney movie "Cars", when I casually decided to check your blog. First thing he said, after seeing the picture on your post, was, "Is that an alien? What's that girl doing to it? Hey, she's naked! You can see her butt! How come she doesn't have any clothes on?" Took a little moment to "explain" the alien was not real, just a model. I told him maybe the girl just got out of the shower. That it was "just pretend."

And the cases? All about "sex with aliens?" Look at the context--this was written to appeal to prurient interests, given the venue.

Other than all that, the article itself was just peachy-keen.

Wonder how many people know that Boas described the "alien woman's" face as ugly--which is kind of interesting, but that detail was left out. Might have been a buzzkill.

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