Sunday, December 09, 2007

I've been invited to be a panelist at the next ConQuest, Kansas City's premiere (and only!) science fiction convention. My first reaction was to delete the invitation, as the "fandom" scene tends to turn my stomach. But maybe I should do it this year just for the hell of it. Maybe I could even try my hand at meatspace "networking." (On the other hand, there are the malignant faux-Klingons to deal with.)

Maybe I'll sleep on it.


Cap'n Marrrrk said...

Hi Mac,
As you well know, a large part of being a writer is marketing your books, and SF readers are your base. That they wear costumes and do fandom should be of little concern to you, as they have the ability to commune on the same wavelengths as you as opposed to your average Starbucks customer.

I think it would be a good opportunity (fresh off your triumphant trip to Halifax) to get out of your head and practice your mingling. You are a good person to be around and talk to, so you should give people the chance to meet you.

David Biedny said...


I'll confess that I've never been to a sci-fi event, but isn't there a _slight_ possibility that you might meet a person of the female persuasion who shares your interests and just HAS to meet you and listen to every word you share with her, as you bond over coffee and dinner?

Go for it, Mac, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Paul Kimball said...


If you don't go, tell them to invite your esteemed Canadian co-author on "Doing Time"! I'll even wear my Jedi costume!!


Mac said...

Cap'n and David--

Points well-taken. Like I said, I'll sleep on it -- again!


Oh, you'd be a hit, I'm sure. Meanwhile, I'll be at the bar.

Anonymous said...

"Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!" I vote yes, go, by all means.


Mac said...

I suppose the dealer's room is one redeeming virtue...

wintermuse x9 said...

"I've been invited to be a panelist at the next ConQuest"

Uh, hate to bring this conversation back to brutal reality, but just what kind of panel that seeks your input was proposed? I would think the nature and subject of the panel would make all the necessary difference in whether to take up the invitation or not.

Mac said...

I won't know the panels they have in mind until I agree to attend ... which I probably won't.