Friday, December 07, 2007

'Segway of the Sky' Tops My Christmas Wish List

Yes, the Segway is lame. But then, the Segway can't fly. If it could, I wouldn't judge its owners so harshly. Say hello to the VertiPod, which is basically just that. You stand on it and steer it around, and by leaning in one direction or another it'll point you in that direction. It all sounds terribly dangerous, and I want one.

(Via The Keyhoe Report.)


Anonymous said...

I'll bet it's one noisy fucker, though. I can't even stand my neighbor's leaf-blower and I LOATHE motorcycles, especially Harleys (sorry folks). I can imagine what it would be like with a few of these babies zipping around the neighborhood....

--W.M. Beaar

Anonymous said...

I got some great laughs from the comments noted at the link under the post at Gizmodo. Priceless!

Example: DCHIN
"If you put a throne chair on that you could fly around like some kind of super villain."

There is considerable debate within the comments, also, as to whether is just another "pipe meme" and whether it can actually fly or not. Lots of doubt.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mac, you’ll just have to wait. We were promised personal jet packs and flying cars and we haven’t gotten those yet either.