Friday, June 05, 2009

No vantage point

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Anonymous said...

Ufologists prick up your ears. ;)

Anonymous said...

I miss this. It just killed me when he died.

Anonymous said...

I think people take the subjective reality angle waaaaaaaaay too far. Yes, we each have varying degrees of perceptual divergence BUT we as a human species generally perceive things in the same way. This is demonstrated in countless ways by our communication of said perceptions.

I do think we influence reality but not to the degree the "What The Bleep" trend would have you believe.

Dovetailing this to the UFO phenomenon; I think its a convenient way of ignoring the hard ground facts of what the ET experience actually "is". Turning the subject into a vague, philosophical and deeply inward exploration of ourselves rather than accepting a simple truth; We are not alone and they've been watching us for a very long time.

Perhaps continuing the debate about what UFO's represent is really about comforting the soul or repressing a deeper xenophobic fear.

Food for thought.


Anonymous said...

I think this is an oversimplification.
Is it just a different reality tunnel that enabled the Nazis to kill 6 million Jews. Was Hitler's reality tunnel as valid as mine?
We cannot justify injustices by simply saying that someone comes from a different point of view.


Anonymous said...

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