Thursday, September 29, 2005

Arctic ice 'disappearing quickly'

The new data shows that on 19 September, the area covered by ice fell to 5.35 million sq km (2.01 million sq miles), the lowest recorded since 1978, when satellite records became available; it is now 20% less than the 1978-2000 average.

The current rate of shrinkage they calculate at 8% per decade; at this rate there may be no ice at all during the summer of 2060.

An NSIDC analysis of historical records also suggests that ice cover is less this year than during the low periods of the 1930s and 40s.

(Via American Samizdat.)


Gerald T said...

Hi Mac, quick heads up, latest Mars Rover photo on my site, this ones a dozy!

see fri post, OMG! WTF! WTHIT! UFB!

Anonymous said...

Always looking at the ugly side of global warming. Look at the up side.

Three words. Alaskan orange groves.

Of course there will be the problem of illegal Americans sneaking into Canada to pick their fruit and take their construction jobs.

Stump said...

here here boogey lmao .
do you ever wonder why the people using photos of the artic never use pictures from winter?hmmm
could it be because the ice replenishes itself every winter

heres a link to explain global warming in a nutshell it has a lot to do with sunspots and the temperature of the crust of the sun
heres a link to a documentary that everyone needs to see. please watch the entire documentary before you post a comment

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