Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Kevin Randle sticks to his guns: Roswell was the crash of an extraterrestrial vehicle. (Nick Redfern's response to Randle's review is posted below.)

The debate triggered by Redfern's "Body Snatchers in the Desert" promises to be unusually civil, at least by ufological standards; the dissenting researchers (including Paul Kimball, Karl Pflock and Stan Friedman) are a refreshingly mature bunch with considerable evidential standards.

The undisputed truth about Roswell in our lifetime? It's not impossible.


W.M. Bear said...

Interesting interview with Grant Cameron in Phenomena Magazine:

The Grant Cameron Interview

Frankly, I find the whole story as told by GC implausible at best. It sounds like there's no hard evidence for any of what he's claiming. It's ALL hearsay. This is why I think that a book like Redfern's is so badly needed. It cuts through all the "believer" bullshit and gets at the facts such as they are. Of COURSE the evidence either way is ALL circumstantial and a fair amount is essentially based on hearsay. What do you expect nearly 60 years after the "Roswell event" (whatever it was)? We're obviously reduced to deciding between whether to believe in alien/UFO crashes/landings or secret government experimentation using human beings strictly on the basis of a lot of hearsay and circumstantial evidence. So it's really a choice based mostly on your sense of reality and plausibility rather than any hard evidence one way or the other. My sense of reality (and bullshit detector) simply tells me that the human explanation is far, far more likely than the alien one.

Note: I would never claim that the "alien explanation" is impossible, just that it appears far less likely than the human one. Absolute "proof" of either possibility appears to me pretty much out of the question on this whole issue, which is why I tend to be put off by "believers" who claim they have such proof, and who clearly "believe in their belief," so to speak, an attitude that can easily segue into a kind of absolutist fanaticism. Since I'm admittedly no expert in this field, I'm not making any claims of my own to knowing the "truth of the matter," only rendering my personal impression of the debate.

Rick Wood said...

You can listen to my radio interview with Kevin Randle on demand at my website
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