Friday, June 27, 2003

Brain music

When I'm writing/thinking/drawing in top form, messing around with ideas is like jazz music: very spontaneous, loopy, packed with riffs and digressions, yet ultimately with some sort of meaning. Linear, sequential thought is antithetical to creativity. Thinking should be fluid, energetic, volatile. The alternative is atrophy, stasis and eventual extinction.

The ultimate question

My website and blog are preoccupied with hidden realities: aliens, other-dimensional intelligences and ideological agendas. Thus far I haven't had much to say about the "God" question other than my periodically revised case for agnosticism.

To clarify: I think words like "spiritual" are crude masks for possibly real phenomena. I shun "belief" but I'm not without ideas; I suggest that reality is knowable, that all is one, and that consciousness is an unrecognized but integral aspect of space-time. Physicist David Bohm reasoned that the universe has an "implicate order" that's barred from unaided perception. I think that as we interface with machines -- which, like microscopes and particle accelerators, provide us with surrogate senses -- we will begin the process of grasping the implicate in a more meaningful way. Conversely, the explicate order that comprises "normal" human reality will change, perhaps drastically.


made said...

i was agnostic for twenty years
after studying theology
but something happened

maiden said...

everything changes.