Saturday, June 07, 2003

I just finished taping three hours worth of material for the Alien Views radio show, which was a lot of fun. As I had hoped, we discussed more than just Mars anomalies: alien encounters, nanotechnology, near-miss meteor collisions, etc. My mouth is incredibly dry.

Thanks to the Alien Views crew for the thoroughly professional job. Now I'm going to get a drink.

Update: I have to append this. Not only is it possibly the kindest thing ever written about me, but it's one of the most heartening as well.

"We just finished a three hour interview with Mac Tonnies. He was fabulous. The guy is as well versed in abduction as he is in science and technology -- and he was equally skilled at verbalizing his wide-ranging areas of interest. I get the first 'audit' of the show as the one who records it, and it was a pleasure to listen to. The guy was a real treat -- charming, as a matter of fact. And Hell, he didn't hang up on us either, which means he's a damn good sport. If you can't tell, I'm a new Mac Tonnies fan."

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