Friday, June 27, 2003

The city seen

Remember the balcony of the apartment highrise I got trapped on a while back? The place has its own website. If you look at the picture on the start-page, you can see my building -- vaguely-- through the central column of water from the fountain in the foreground. While the Sulgrave advertises itself as the ultimate Plaza living location, my own building is actually a bit closer.

Haunts and hang-outs within walking distance:

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Under extensive renovation. When completed, it will have translucent, partially underground galleries in what is now the front lawn. Cartoonist Bill Griffith ("Zippy the Pinhead") said he'd give me a "tip o' the pin" if I sent him some photos of the much-maligned giant shuttlecocks. (When is kitsch kitsch? When is it art? Can art successfully maquerade as kitsch, and vice versa?)

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Neat place with a knack for bringing in strange exhibits.


I'm having trouble getting the first track from Radiohead's latest out of my head. Not an entirely bad thing. My favorite album of the moment is "Out of Season" by Beth Gibbons and Paul Webb (aka "Rustin Man"). Gibbons is the lead for Portishead and has one of the best voices of the millennium.


I'm not reading anything in particular right now with the exception of "Crop Circles: Signs of Contact," which I got for free by agreeing to do a review for Mysteries Magazine (second issue due out soon).

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