Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Shape-Shifting Robot Nanotech Swarms on Mars

(How about that headline? Wow!)

"As the engineers watched like anxious new parents, the robot pyramid traveled across the floor of a lab at NASA Goddard. Robots of this type will eventually be miniaturized and joined together to form 'autonomous nanotechnology swarms' (ANTS) that alter their shape to flow over rocky terrain or to create useful structures like communications antennae and solar sails." (Via

I love it when the boundaries between the organic and inorganic blur.

Speaking of which:

Quantum Dot Based EviTags

"EviTags are biologically inert, conjugation-ready fluorescent labels that allow the life science researcher or product developer to capitalize on the unique semiconductor optical properties with a familiar biological interface. EviTags exhibit minimal nonspecific binding; they do not agglomerate in live cells; they have a wide range of fluorescence wavelengths; they offer improved multiplexing and greater signal-to-noise ratio; they enable a variety of unique in-vivo applications; and, the newest version of EviTags (Type 2 EviTags) can be used as Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) donors with any organic dye." (Via Beyond the Beyond.)

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