Thursday, March 10, 2005

This one is irresistible:

Hello aliens, this is Earth calling

"The company is not monitoring the phone calls to space but, on its website, people are asked to be 'good Earth Ambassadors'. Knight adds: 'I think people should use common sense and judgment, too.'" (Via -- you guessed it -- The Anomalist.)

While probably little more than an exercise in vanity, I'm actually tempted to spend a few bucks to transmit my voice into space (see And to hell with being a "good Earth Ambassador"; any aliens within two light-years of us (the transmission range) are probably well aware of our presence and able to see through our charade of goodwill anyway.

I wonder what Seth Shostak thinks of this scheme. Then again, I don't particularly care.

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W.M. Bear said...

Home -- phone ET!

All seriousness aside, I see great possibilities for an SNL skit. "Beldar, is that you, Beldar?" You get the idea.