Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Apartment at the Mall

A few artists discovered an apartment-sized vacant space under a mall in Providence, RI, and over several years proceeded to build a living space which they furnished (with things bought at the mall) as an "art piece."

Ah! Indirect support for my theory that shopping malls will serve as refugee camps for victims of future ecological crises . . .


Anna Murphy said...

You got that from zombie movies!

underground man said...

Very interesting. I followed the link to Kevin Kelly's Technium site to the Providence Journal article he links to, and then another link at the ProJo site to the the artists website, below.


This is an idea I've had since childhood, of a secret space, or place I could go where no one could find me. My fantasy was about buildng an underground space with a disguised secret entrance.

It's quite intriguing to see this "tapeart" collective not only created this secret apartment in the middle of a shopping mall, but getting away with it for over four years!

Hmmmm. There is a large water drainage pipe nearby--I think I'll go pipe spelunking tomorrow...hope I don't run into any zombies or cryptids! 8^}

Anonymous said...

thats funny to hear that

Mac said...

You got that from zombie movies!

Nope. I got it predominantly from dreams -- although I freely admit to enjoying Romero's "Dawn of the Dead."