Sunday, December 02, 2007

The final performance of "Doing Time" was last night. Good turnout. The Wired Monk has become something of a second home. If anyone reading is contemplating a visit to Halifax, I recommend dropping by; the chocolate pecan pie is incredible.

Paul has just informed me that we're off to Point Pleasant Park* for the afternoon. I'll take pictures.

*"Point Pleasant Park"? Could this be home to a Canadian version of "Mothman"?


mr. intense said...

Um, er...avoid crossing over any silver-colored bridges, eh? Avoid carrying Xmas presents while you're at it. Oh, except for maybe one really big one--for floatation.

Mac said...

Things *seemed* safe enough ... although some of the old military installations were creepy enough (in an endearing way).

Sorry I haven't had time to respond to your email. I should get to it within the next couple days.

Anonymous said...

Mac -- Does it give you a chuckle (as it always does me) whenever the flight attendant launches into her (or his) bit about, "In the unlikely event of a water landing...."

A water LANDING??? Give me break!
("Well, ladies and gentleman, we're now on our final approach to Lake Michigan....") Anyway, have a safe flight home (despite my lame attempt to be funny), LOL! Great news that "Doing Time" seems to have been a big success. (We shall expect further dispatches re THAT....)

--W.M. Bear