Sunday, December 02, 2007

I saw "The Mist" tonight and was most pleasantly surprised: it's taut, well-acted and deliriously creepy. And, like "28 Weeks Later," it revels in tough moral dilemmas. This isn't a comforting movie, more often than not leaving conventional Hollywood wisdom to rot (deservedly) at the side of the freeway. If you like your science fiction dark and unsparing, "The Mist" won't disappoint.

Back to Kansas City tomorrow, with stopovers in Boston and Detroit.


mister ecks said...

This has to be one of the few recent mainstream movies where they actually made the ending MORE bleak than the book's (to an almost cartoonish extent, in my opinion)!

Still, a very good and very effective adaptation of what's probably Stephen King's best novella.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the tip MrEcke! Steph King is amazing what he can roll out.
Hi Mac! wow have I missed a lot..I just wanted to give this link here as you like those vintage sci fi magazines like amazing and if..
they have one cover going back to 1938 by scoop magazine..that could pass for something now..the transformation by decade as you go thru are delicious..
one I wont see is golden compass ..trying to sneek in as a family flick on christmas..good grief..see the snopes comment on it..summer might have made a difference..I love the old life of Brian..that had christians ranting..but this one..its like tailored specifically for a target the kids...of course Narnja did the same thing..however I feel one is uplifting and the other..well..killing "God" as opposed to a god..for a child..that kind of rebellion we will see when they get older..why in still so early for me to deal with as a parent acting in loco deus. Let me enjoy my brief divinity while I can with them.