Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I was just about to buy a Quantum Sleeper. Then I clicked to this page and read the bad news:

Presently seeking investors to build new prototypes to test and develop. A working model (made of wood not polycarbonate) is available for demonstration. Venders have provided quotes to produce and assemble the various parts. Fabrication drawings and parts list are also available for anyone interested in investing or buying the Patent (Patent # US 7,137,881 B2).

To the hardware store!

(Thanks to Ectoplasmosis!)

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me? paranoid? who told you that? said...

"To the hardware store!"

Well, when you drop by Home Depot, be sure to ask for the bulletproof, flame-resistant, heavy-duty polycarbonate. Oh, and make sure you have your carbonite diamond battery-operated disk saw inside to cut yourself out when the mutant zombies put a heavy sofa on top of the "Quantum Sleeper" cabinet (aka "coffin") in a feeble attempt to literally box you in. You can't be too careful! 8^}