Thursday, April 03, 2008

Little monkeys ride tiny motorcycles

Check out these adorable uniformed monkeys zipping along the streets of Thailand on tiny motorcycles.

Cute but strangely menacing . . .


W.M. Bear said...

I kept expecting the monkey to keep going, pull up to an office building, and go sit in a cubicle in front of a monitor. Planet of the (mini) Apes....

Katie said...

Cute but strangely menacing . . .

Because monkeys are evil...EVIL, I say!

wintermuse x9 said...

"Little monkeys ride tiny motorcycles..."

We do?! I think that monkey rides and anticipates better on the streets of Thailand that even I could--it's his prehensile monkey adeptness that I find strange, and mildly threatening. Help! 8^}

Chris, from "Family Guy,":

There evil! Protect me from the evil monkey in my closet! (Evil Bonobo rips out of Chris' closet, and zips down the stairs, menacingly racing his little tiny bike engine, before zooming out the front door. Heh.

mr. intense said...

Or, as one of my more eccentric friends palindromically said when I sent him the clip;

"Great Guinea Pig of Winnipeg !"

He's writing a book on palindromes, many of his own and his "weird team"'s, and he also, oddly, has a trained Bonobo monkey for physical assistance purposes, which he's trained to go get him a beer from the frig, do a backflip, and hand over the brew.

After that, the bonobo, named Ralph, will often pull out a small, Holmesian-style pipe, stuff it from his little bag of puffery, and settle down in his mini easychair, watch the Simpsons, and engage in precious, philosophical banter with my palindromically challenged friend to discuss the state of the world, how monkeys can't get unionized, and later in most evenings, they discuss Kant and Wittgenstein in American-Primate sign language before they each putter off to separate bedrooms to sleep, perchance to dream...Heh. This latter is only my speculation, of course...8^}

mr. intense said...

Correction: I just received a rather bemused and irritated email from Ralph, my friend's esoteric Bonobo monkey pal (he prefers the name "Monkeybone," for some reason), and Ralph reminds me that in fact the "Great Guinea Pig of Winnipeg!" phrase is, in fact, not anywhere nearly palindromic, but was uttered by a surprised Hermes from Matt Groening's (The Simpsons) other old animated cartoon show, Futurama.

That damn Ralph, er, Monkeybone!

He's so smart, compared to me...

Now he wants me to buy him a small Japanese racing cycle to make up for my dreadful oversight, and says use this, if you're palindromically inclined:

"He! So, bonobos, eh?"

He notes this is also, when you only use the "O, bonobo" part, a sub-category of palindrome, as "bonobo' is an o-distal palindrome element that yields the palindrome segment 'bonob'. Hence this Hermes-worthy exclamation
that's also a palindrome:

" O! bonobo!" "

Damn monkey! All I can say about that, per my friend's concurrent advice is to express my frustration by suggesting that:
"Go Hillary, tramp martyr, all I hog." Now, is there an equally silly palindrome to make from Obama? He (the monkey) wants to know....8^}

W.M. Bear said...


W.M. Bear said...


W.M. Bear said...


W.M. Bear said...

BTW, "Toyota" is a-distal too (toyot).

Get my hands...


(And a big thanks to mr. i. for inducing me to waste the last hour on this stuff!)

W.M. Bear said...


W.M. Bear said...

Moreover, "A TOYOTA" is a rare "mirror palindrome" -- the reflection of each letter does not reverse the letter.

mr. intense said...

Heh, heh, HA! So, Mr. Bear, your occult talents include palindromes, also. Well, here's a few from my friend re: ObamanamabO--

So Obama boos.
Mo' Obama boom.
To Obama boot.
Oz Obama bozo.
No Obama boon.
Parts to Obama bootstrap.
DNA by Obama boy band.
At a nose I go Obama boogie sonata.
I am a boy Obama, I. (bob, bog, boo, bop, boss, bot,
bow, box)
Pajama box, Obama Jap. (Etc.)

And let us not forget our Republicanoid friends in the race:

"No! McCain a maniac? C'mon!"

Now that's damn funny, IMHO.

Oh, and then there's Hillary:

"Go Hillary, tramp martyr, all I hog."

Hmmmm...I wonder if this is some obscure reference to Monica Lewinsky? hehehehehehehehe...8^}

[All apologies to Mr. Wintermuse, that X9 guy, for temporarily usurping his comedic net joker role for a moment...] Next!

W.M. Bear said...

Occultism 101 -- Sigils, Spelling Rhymes, Anagrams, Palindromes, Magic squares, magic CUBES....

BTW, love the Hillary and McCain pals especially -- both are spot on.

mr. intenseesnetni said...

And I really liked your one on xanax--a veritable lovefest of palindromic joy breaks out!

Related: evil monkeys on xanax riding little teeny motorcycles hiding in Chris' closet, just waiting to grimace and then point the accusing finger!

Hmmmm...Intenseesnetni? I'm from the Ukraine--me not speak the English so good yet, aye?