Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Milestone for Aeroscraft ML866 project

Along with a range of more than 3000 miles and a top speed of 138mph, it boasts some unique properties for a craft of its size including the ability to hover, take-off and land vertically, complete autonomy from airports, not to mention incredible aerial views.

The mammoth 5000ft square cabin area also opens up a range of possible applications for the aircraft, from cargo transport and mining to use as a luxurious private sky yacht or a fully functional conference center.


wintermuse x9 said...

Scenario: inaugural launch ceremonies---

The corporate vice-president's wife steps up to the inflated nose of the blimp-like vehicle, atop the reviewing stand. Exuberantly she exclaims, "I christen thee, The Blue Whale!"

Swing of champagne bottle, followed by shattering crash-tinkle, with ripping sound of rushing air squealing out of the rapidly deflating vehicle while it zips wildly around the sky like a child's released balloon, and then falls screaming from the sky just to crash in a surreal slump over an oak tree in the next county. Quiescent. Then the VP's wife whispers, sotto voce:

"OK, then. Next time, no champagne bottle, all right?"

W.M. Bear said...

I especially like the single large, half-lidded cyclopean eye on the front, which gives the whole craft the appearance of an immense, langorous air-whale drifting through a sealike sky....