Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ah Pook returns

"Ah Pook is Here": Unseen William S Burroughs Graphic Novel Art Show

Originally conceived as a graphic novel in the pictographic format of the surviving Mayan codices, the project -- eight years in the making -- consisted of over 100 illustrations by Malcolm McNeill, 30 in full color and about 50 pages of text. "Ah Pook is Here" would have been prohibitively expensive to publish at the time. As Burroughs wrote "over the years of our collaboration Malcolm McNeill produced more than a hundred pages of artwork. However, owing partly to the expense of full color reproduction, and because the book falls into neither the category of the conventional illustrated book, nor that of a comix publication, there have been difficulties with the arrangements for the complete work."

This is some serious surrealism, as savagely hallucinatory as Burroughs' best fiction. Click here if you dare.