Friday, July 07, 2006

For some time I've tried to persuade readers of this blog of the reality of my erotically charged encounters with women from distant planets. Some, perhaps reasonably, assume I'm kidding. Now the "debate" is over.

I have succeeded in photographing the outside of one of the spacewomen's vehicles in unprecedented -- indeed startling -- detail. Preliminary photographic analysis by an independent laboratory offers powerful, if circumstantial, evidence of the reality of my experiences.

See for yourself:

Experts assure me that to hoax such a photo would require enormous funds and access to optical technology known only to a handful of researchers. Moreover, the distinct "portholes" visible in the photo are congruent with my prior descriptions of the spacewomen's vehicles, forcing the reasonable-minded to conclude that my extraterrestrial contacts have been reported with the utmost veracity.


W.M. Bear said...

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Nothing like solid evidence backed up by airtight logic!

Ray Palm (Ray X) said...

I know someone who likes to ride his bicycle at night and so he uses one of those flashing red LED units for better visibility. His LED light is missing.

Mac, could you return Billy Meir's bike light posthaste?


Mac said...


Are you insinuating a *hoax*? After I dump irrefutable photographic evidence in your lap?

Carol Maltby said...

Cornholes at the local disco? It's going to ruin your reputation. ;)

Ray Palm (Ray X) said...


You may dump all sorts of "irrefutable photographic evidence" in my lap, it won't make a difference. Now one of those beautiful space women you keep talking about -- there's the evidence I want tossed in my lap! I could "dance" with that kind of proof.