Saturday, April 12, 2008

Charles Hickson describes his 1973 UFO encounter.

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Anonymous said...

The more I read or hear about this kind of incident, the more I'm convinced that "close encounters" like this are some form of hallucination. They may be "telepathically induced hallucinations" by some kind of alien intelligence but hallucinations they are.

The anctients called these types of hallucinations "visions," which seems to accord more with the real nature of these experiences. And if you want to read an immently sane writer who routinely saw imaginary forms -- which he realized were such -- as solid, physical beings, read the writings of the 18-19th centuery British poet and artist, William Blake. Of course today, especially in the MSM, as well as in our literal-minded materialistic culture in general, there is very little understanding of the psychological roots of the type of essentially occult experience. In a more tribal vein, this kind of experience is the bread-and-butter of shamanic practice.

The reason I am coming to think this way is just that if all the UFO abduction stories involved actual physical aliens, we would be being "visited" by at least two dozen different species of aliens. This is certainly theoretically possible but seems like a major violation of Occam's razor. And yet, many UFO researchers continue to give uncritical credence to stories like Kickson's primarily because, it seems to me, he simply "sounds sincere." Why is it difficult to separate the fact that this was obviously a real experience on his part from the fact that we can seriously doubt that it took place on the material plane?