Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dick Cheney's shades reflect a strange being

The White House website hosts a photo of Dick Cheney "fly-fishing on the Snake River in Idaho," wearing a pair of reflective glasses. Eagle-eyed William Gibson noticed that there's something awfully weird reflected in them: mutant hybrid sex-slave? Tentacle creature? Elder god?

Hey, why must "mutant hybrid sex slave," "tentacle creature" and "elder god" be mutually exclusive?


Anonymous said...

See the Schwa hi-res enhancement--it's his arm and hand grasping a fly fishing pole. Or is it???

Anonymous said...

I've seen the pic. Given Cheney's general psychiatric profile, I'd go with mutant hybrid sex slave, definitely.

Anonymous said...

Gotta admit Cheney's got some sexy knuckles. And, oh, that thumbnail!

Perhaps this is a...Rorschach Test.

Tony F. said...

No no no, you've got it all wrong.

It's a child, whose blood Cheney sucks to keep from dying.

I also hear Cheney likes to wear their skin afterwards and do puppet shows with the skulls.

Delete if you want.

Mac said...

Delete if you want.

I will do no such thing.

Anonymous said...

"Dick Cheney's shades reflect a strange being..."

Yeah, I'd have to agree with that, since it's a reflection of him, who is very strange and malignant. What was that about the eldritch Old Ones?

Tony F.-- I think you may be being far too kind to Cheney. If I told you what he _really_ does on those fishing trips, your head would explode, like in Scanners. And when he hunts quail, drunkenly, he shoots people in the face. What a fun guy... 8^}