Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sometimes I agree with Stephen Hawking and sometimes I don't.


Chris said...

Sigh. I don't know if I even believe in UFO's per se, or more accurately, I don't subscribe to any one particular explanation for them. But clearly, "something" is happening to people who can't all be dismissed as "weirdoes" and cranks. It just goes to show that even the greatest minds do tend to pick and choose how they apply the scientific mindset. If one explanation for a phenomenon (i.e, UFOs as extraterrestrial visitors) seems improbable, it IS possible to consider alternative explanations without having to broadly dismiss the possibility that the phenomenon in question is quite real. It's the equivalent of saying "The notion that the earth is flat is preposterous. Therefore, there clearly cannot be an Earth"

Anonymous said...

Hawking is said to have made comment that only "cranks and weirdoes" see ufos or think alien abduction may be happening.

His depth of ignorance and arrogance about a subject he does not know the history of, or the reality of, is breathtaking.

He ought to stick to physics in order to not be considered a cranky weirdo himself, who stupidly pontificates about those things he neither knows about, has studied, nor has any grasp of the alternatives about. He should be ashamed. He knows not that of which he attempts to speak about.

Why do so many scientists think they have worthwhile opinions and any authority to speak about areas they are ignorant of? Perhaps they think being a scientist is akin to being a priest or a pope, speaking of matters they have absolutely no clue about. Delusional hypocrites.

I suppose even minds with such presumption can be considered a black hole of false beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they think being a scientist is akin to being a priest or a pope...

Dogma is as dogma does.

'ism' = 'ism'.