Thursday, April 17, 2008

From Whitley Strieber's latest online journal entry, "The Nye Incidents: the Scariest Story I Know":

Then, in 2001, I began to hear of a large number of mutilation murders taking place in northern New Jersey -- in fact, within about forty miles of my old cabin. These were absolutely terrifying stories, to say the least. At first, I thought they must be a hoax, but subsequently was forced to place them in the realm of the unknown.

These stories involved the remains of street people being found mutilated like cattle, on the roofs of buildings. Worse, they had been drowned by being taken to such a depth in the ocean that their lungs showed pressure damage.

So these street people were being taken, having their genitals and tongues and eyes and lips cut off, then being plunged into the sea a hundred miles away and drowned, then dropped back on the roofs of buildings.

At first, it appeared that I had a direct line to the coroner involved. Then that collapsed, and I was left unsure about what had happened. I could not believe that the murders were done by some sort of serial killer, because how could a serial killer mutilate people, then drown them by taking them down in the ocean, then bring them back and put them on roofs? It just struck me as impossible.

Careful readers will notice additional detail that could, in theory, be corroborated. Unfortunately, Strieber doesn't treat us to any particulars.


Anonymous said...

From the journal entry (excerpt):

"In 1996, the visitors posted a guardian in the woods behind our house. He spent time in the house, and also in lean-tos that he built in the woods. Although he was extremely shy, I saw him from time to time, and what I saw concerned me a good deal. He looked human, but oddly deformed, like somebody who had grown to adulthood without reaching puberty. From a distance, he had the look of a child. But up close, he seemed sort of weathered. Really very odd. He was also somehow frantic, as if he was suffering inside. He smoked constantly, and I could find places where he had been standing by the dozens of cigarette butts that he would leave behind.

"Was he a genetic experiment gone wrong, left behind to protect an asset? Or was he just--well--an alien?"

I wonder where this "guardian" bought his cigarettes, and what brand they were. Marleys?

Mac said...

Well, he certainly doesn't sound like a Benson & Hedges sort of fellow ...

Anonymous said...

Heh, heh, his story is so vague and unspecified, why you'd almost think he was making the entire thing up based on the "groundbreaking" new possibilities of human mutilation instead of cattle. Not to be callous, but like millions of people across the globe, I think Strieber was probably molested by a pedophile priest in his youth, and instead of just facing this reality, he has concocted this elaborate story of being abducted by gray aliens, viewing himself as a Christopher Walken type of guy, and has spent the past 30 years continually convincing himself of this story for the sake of book sales. He might be a nice fellow, but listening to the guy for more then a couple minutes, I get the impression that something isn't quite right in his old belfry. His idea of logical and rational reasoning leaves much to be desired.

Mac said...


Strieber himself has more than hinted at probable abuse in his childhood, although he's never indicated that priests were involved.

I suspect he actually was subjected to something quite horrible and that he's a genuine victim.

The "visitors" could be an elaborate metaphor his mind has constructed, as you suggest. Or -- and this is weirder -- maybe they're physically real but dependent on his mental state, making them tulpas.

Anonymous said...

"Careful readers will notice additional detail that could, in theory, be corroborated. Unfortunately, Strieber doesn't treat us to any particulars.

Yeah, how about that "minor" oversight, eh?

I read Strieber's "Nye County" journal entry. Then I googled every combination of search terms, etc., to locale, noted by Strieber (in his extremely nebulous manner), and found, after extensive searching, not a single reference to any mutilation/murder incidents whatsoever, other than deviant human-caused ones, and even then none in New Jersey, Westchester County, etc. None. Fancy that. Must be a "cover-up," right? Or, untrue. Your choice.

[There was a pretty horrible human mutilation case, including some quite repellant photographs, from a case of several years ago that occurred in Brazil, where a man was mutilated in a manner very similar to the pattern of cattle mutilations, but that has no specific relevance to Strieber's claims, and was probably done by some crazy bastard(s) emulating the known patterns of excision, not "aliens." Or, also, it is a known fact that predator animals will attack and consume soft tissues first of dead animals, and subsequent necrotic effects contribute to what might _appear_ to be mutilation]

WARNING! The photos are quite disturbing, but the Brazilian case is detailed at:

Not for the faint of heart.