Sunday, April 05, 2009

Epidermits, meet LoveLump.

Scariest Toy Concept Ever: The Epidermits Thing

Oh, this is much worse than you think. The Epidermits toy is the Karten Design firm's bizarro, conceptual end of several current trends in the toy/gadget industry, like personalization, fuel cell engineering, and animatronics. It is the scariest concept design I've ever seen.

The scariest, you say? Obviously, you've never encountered the LoveLump, pictured below.


Tim said...

What would be a healthy reaction to the LoveLump? I've been staring at 'it' for two minutes and I...I just can't seem to...(sigh)..I'm very confused.

Mac said...


I think the reaction you describe *is* healthy!

Katie said...

OK, the Epidermits...I thought that was some odd sort of sex toy, not a toy for a child. 'Cause I can think of much more interesting thing to do with it than a four year old can.

Of course, I'm a huge perv, but we go into that...

Haley Haunted said...

That is so messed up.

Tina Sena said...

WTF? I don't know whether to laugh or regurgitate my M&M's.


Anonymous said...

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