Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Puma: GM and Segway take a swing at a small car

Take two companies whose products are sort of a joke, slap them together, and here's the result: The P.U.M.A., a sort of giant, two-person Segway that is designed for commuters, with a 35-mile range from its lithium-ion batteries. It has a top speed of 35 MPH, which is plenty for city cruising.

Say what you will about the P.U.M.A.'s practicality, but I happen to like it. At the very least I hope it makes a strategic appearance in some quasi-cyberpunk movie.


chris23 said...

I saw a tweet suggesting that metro rail systems could be modded to carry PUMA's across larger commutes, then users can use em to nav the local area.

Anonymous said...

Its just such a sad statement though Mac. If you haven't watched "Who Killed the Electric Car" I HIGHLY recommend you do so.

Within the context of car manufacturers field testing, fully functional, fully electric, cars and trucks in the 80's/90's only to have them destroyed because of pressures from oil companies...well, you can see why people are screaming bloody murder about this one.

The P.U.M.A is like a gigantic slap to the faces of everyone who knows, we should technically be WELL beyond this. Other car companies are doing full sized, fully electric AND air compressed sedans right now. How much more money do these pigs need to change their ways?