Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What will those folks at Skynet come up with next?


das erich said...

this intrigues me and frightens me at the same time. i so desperately wanted to study robotic engineering, but for marine exploration. this, however, is stunning. what a brilliant image of it holding its own power source. the levels of sensitivity and control are just awe inspiring. look twice at those bugs you swat off your sleeve...someone, somewhere, may be watching you, gathering information about the bigger bug, the human species.

Justin said...


But seriously, that's some eerily fluid motion. Thankfully it doesn't walk as quickly and gracefully as it humps.

Anonymous said...

As impressive as its range of motion is, until they can get these things up to running speed, no one will be impressed.


kcotae said...

Man is speeding up the work of mother nature by creating his replacement...robots!
Yep, not longer after truly, free thinking androids are built, it will be the new evolution. Like apes, man will become redundant and return to the trees.(Or worse)