Thursday, April 02, 2009

Going nowhere

Staying Put on Earth, Taking a Step to Mars

"It is really like a real space flight without the weightlessness and the danger to our lives," said Sergei N. Ryazansky, a cosmonaut-in-training who will lead the mission. "On the inside, we will have a lack of incoming information, so it's the science of sensory deprivation."

Called Mars-500, the Russian-led project based at the Institute for Biomedical Problems here will culminate in a 520-day simulation beginning early next year of a complete manned mission to the planet -- a time frame that incorporates launching to Mars touchdown and back -- that scientists hope will edge humanity a little closer to that next giant leap.

I don't know about you, but if I had to stare at tacky wood-grain decor for 520 days it's a fair bet I'd need psychiatric counseling.


Anonymous said...

A key component would have to be Russian Vodka, and a hot female cosmonaut.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't last a weekend in that flashback to trailer park living.

I could do a year easy in my office though, as long as I had the net ;)


Justin said...

Actually I'd probably find that space fairly relaxing. Lower the lighting and it looks a lot like my home studio... but I have an acquired immunity to tacky 70's decor.

Anonymous said...

This is extremely subjective.

Anon 1: It would certainly help. :D

Anon 2: Indeed.

I just need a bed, bathroom and a computer connected to the internet.
And food I suppose. And something to drink.

Mac said...

I'd need a a cat for company.

Seriously -- I wonder if psychologists have considered sending along pets for companionship during long space voyages.

kcotae said...

Wonder what would happen to wood in space? Probably start "warping" or something similar. Then they'd end up in hyperspace... I bet you "saw" that coming?! (I bet Mac gives my post the "chop" for that pun...