Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Quantum Bee Dance

Mathematician Barbara Shipman has discovered that the movements of the dancing bees can be predicted by a mathematical formula called a "flag manifold," which expresses movement in the world of the tiny particles known as quarks. In mathematical terms, a manifold is a basic shape. She made this discovery when she projected the six dimensions of a flag manifold onto a two dimensional piece of paper. She was amazed to see that she was recreating the form of the bees' dance.

It may be that the bee's brain, while it seems simple compared to ours, actually works in a completely different, and more sophisticated, way: it may be quark-sensitive.

I find this notion infinitely compelling. Could intelligent beings have quantum manifold brains, able to process vast amounts of information without relying on cumbersome machinery?

Do we share the planet with "cryptoterrestrials" whose information infrastructure is unrecognizably alien? (It's worth noting that many descriptions of "aliens" suggest a "hive mind" not unlike that of bees.)


Kyle said...

Hey Mac -

Seems a take on fractals to me. Patterns at the sub-microscopic level mirrored in the macro-...

If we had the proper eyes, as you point out, we might find the same process at work in MANY areas.

It seems rather elegant that since we are all made up of matter, the patterns of the quantum might influence the larger systems right up the "ladder", as it were.

"Hellstrom's Hive", indeed! :)

Your hypothesis is growing on me...or is it "dawning" on me?


W.M. Bear said...

Mac -- Consider this possibility both re bees and cryptos. If bees are truly networked together into a group "hive mind" then the tiny size of the individual bee brain isn't all that much of a limitation. If this is the case, then bees in a hive would actually be doing an incredible amount of highly efficient "parallel processing" that, in sum, might have many of the characteristics of a single sentient organism. The same thing on a much larger scale might be true of your cryptos. I was fascinated in the "hobbit" stories by the fact that some paleoanthropologists seem to be stuck on the problem of the hobbits small cranial capacity (300-400 cm^3 evidently) vrs. their clear tool-making and tool-using capabilities. Again, if their brains were "networked" together (yes, I'm thinking some form of telepathy), then size wouldn't be a problem. The real problem (it seems to me) lies in the prejudice of most contemporary scientists against phenomena such as telepathy.

Mac said...

I've been pursuing the same ideas. Maybe the CTs have deeply "entangled" mind/s, making cultural artifacts largely unnecessary.

W.M. Bear said...

Hey, I like the idea of telepathy as a possible kind of mental "entanglement." That concept definitely flies!

Mac said...

The idea of psychic quantum entanglement is getting some necessary exposure. (See the new book "Entangled Minds.")