Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gigantic City-Structures of Paolo Soleri

Soleri created the concept of an "arcology," a combo of architecture and ecology. The idea is pretty uncomplicated, though what Soleri did with his concept is wonderfully elaborate: cities have traditionally been urban slime mold, grinding away at the planet as they’ve crawled across the landscape. So why not create cities with as many people as possible in a small as possible footprint? And not only that but why not also make these super cities magnificently, tremendously, elegantly . . . beautiful?

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Greg Bishop said...

I stayed at Arcosanti once. What I remember are scorpions crawling up the walls and tarantulas on the front step. Not really that bad for 30 bucks for 2 people.

They also have a very nice black-bottomed swimming pool, hippie food in the cafeteria, and a cat that sounds like it has laryngitis.

Arcosanti is in a constant state of construction--parts of it are really beautiful, and others have rebar sticking out of places waiting for more money to complete them. The giftshop sells their signature metal windchimes.

On Wednesdays, Soleri himself makes visits for a short lecture and then takes questions from the audience.

I think it's a great dream, and would like to see what the place looks like in 50 years. I hope it's not abandoned by then.