Friday, September 05, 2008

Greg Bishop poses a most interesting question:

Was The "Father Gill" Sighting A Classified Aircraft?

Gill's own account stresses the almost mundane nature of the encounter. There were no high-G or other strange movements made by the object. It apparently hovered over the small church complex and then slowly disappeared into the clouds. (There were two sightings on subsequent evenings.) During the second event, Gill went inside before the craft had left. While some investigators have expressed surprise that anyone would leave in the middle of such an extraordinary sight, Gill and his companions had been looking at the UFO for over four hours just the night before.


intense said...

I doubt very much the Father Gill, et al, sighting in 1959 involved any US or other foreign built craft--the most advanced surveillance craft operating at that time was the U-2.

Too many details from that case would exclude any human-built craft, period.

No nation on earth, even today, nearly 50 years later, has built, as far as is known, a craft with the hovering flight characteristics, size, lack of sound, and ability to carry passengers, waving hello or not, indicated in the Father Gill sighting.

This sighting involved something else--just what remains an unknown.

Mac said...

Greg's hypothesis hinges on the US having possession of what would seem to be a robust "black" aerospace program -- so, effectively, it's unfalsifiable (unless someone comes forward with corroborative evidence). Frankly, I'm not ready to categorically rule out the idea, although it seems doubtful.

Greg Bishop said...

I think it's doubtful as well. The article was simply a thought experiment or just getting the meme out there to see what happens.

In the post, I did say that my theory had "more holes than a swiss cheese."