Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nick Redfern taunts us with tales of the legendary Mongolian Death-Worm.


professor intensiana jones said...

Ah, yes, the infamous Mongolian Death Worm. BUT, have you heard of the legends concerning the lethally insidious Lithuanian Death Hamster?

I thought not! The tale is far too terrible to tell...8^}

Mac said...

Few have lived to speak of their encounters with the dreaded Lithuanian Death Hamster, and those that have are typically confined to mental institutions. It is said that to look into the eyes of the Lithuanian Death Hamster is to look upon evil incarnate . . .

intense, now back in arkham, said...

"It is said that to look into the eyes of the Lithuanian Death Hamster is to look upon evil incarnate . . . know. Oh, God! I curse the day (it was a Tuesday) I first encountered the legendary Lithuanian Death Hamster...some said it was actually a chipmunk. Or an innocent little ...squirrel? ...the fools!

I think it was first obliquely referred to by Burroughs in 1957, who tried to write about it while down and out in Algiers, during some heroin-fueled frenzy. That was his most horrifying mistake.

Mentioning it, not the heroin-fueled frenzy.

He kept muttering, in text, about the eyes, the eyes of ...evil! He also thought it was a, well... I guess you could say, a prairie dog. With pink, electrified tentacles. Or so he alleged. Might have been the drugs...or so we all presumed, at first.

That was before any of us knew any better. I recall now, for the third time since I've been released from the asylum at Arkham, how my friend Ballard, he of infinite quest, before he finally lost his mind, in a poker game, would also hesitantly whisper and moan insanely about the blackness in those... dark and stormy and (have I mentioned this before?) evil eyes!

And then I, foolishly attempting to somehow find the truth of these dark matters, to document a sliver of fact or a hunk of empiricism from the wildly twisted tales I had heard rumors of, I then came across... this ...monstrosity:


It...broke me, seeing that. I was never the same afterward. Remember one thing, if nothing else:

Sometimes, when you look into the abyss, you find the abyss staring hungrily back at you ...WITH THOSE HIDEOUS BLACK EYES!!!

Mac said...

Great mash-up!