Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Philip K. Dick's Reality (Tessa Dick)

The time travelers, or time meddlers, sometimes enter our reality to observe us, and they appeared quite shocked whenever they realized that Phil could see them. They did occasionally communicate with him. They claimed to come from a time that is neither the past nor the future, but outside of our time. Phil most often thought that they were humans, not aliens, but genetically altered in some way.

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0uterj0in said...

Thanks for this, and thank goodness for PKD!

We are so obviously the inhabitants of a grand optimization performance test being played out over vast numbers of simulated histories. They are going to run this global warming scenario over and over until they figure out exactly how late we can react in time to prevent total anihilation.

The fact that intrude on their own simulation in the form of crudely symbolic humanoid "bodies", or that their "ships" have no obvious means of propulsion, or that they can move through walls, or that the simulation itself has bugs in the form of timeslips and ghosts, comes as no surprise when viewed through PKD's perspective.