Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spirits of the Dead will Twitter from the Afterlife by 2075

By 2075, Twitter will be used by disembodied sprits (e.g. dead people) to send messages to the living. These "spirits" will be the minds of uploaded people who have died, live in "Afterlife Chips," and who will want quick convenient communication paths to the "living."

Hey, when Cliff Pickover speaks, I listen.


elan said...

Can you kindly ask the good Dr. Pickover to amend the date to, say, 2010?

Mac said...

2075 is a bit far off, huh?

Tony F. said...

I'll be 96 in 2075; but I plan on living to 120, so no problem there.

As far as blogging from the afterlife; there's no interest there. When I go, I want to be gone.

e d said...

You didn't need to be uploaded, Mac. You'll be back one day.