Thursday, December 25, 2008

The "CARET" drones are back.

(Thanks to UFOMystic for the lead.)


Gareth said...

If this does turn out to be a total viral marketing effort for Terminator (even the Isaac shite), then Im afraid the hilarity of Strieber's claim that he saw one will be almost too much for me too take.

Mac said...

I could go either way at this point, but the odds seem to favor the "CARET" documents being part of the "Terminator" viral. In which case Strieber will look like a complete moron, perhaps even to some of his more devout followers.

Intense said...

While the "drone" is a hoax, it is not part of any viral promotion.

The imagery of the "drone craft" was simply adopted and modified for a TV series, similar to what Alienware did the with the "caret" text for a version of their laptop PCs. Simple appropriation of non-copyrighted imagery and text, in each respective case.

Josh Friedman, executive producer of The Sarah Connors Chronicles (TSCC) has made the the following statement, as noted in Update 2 on the Wunderkabinett website your post links to:

I'm not sure if this will put an end to this but I will assure you that the incorporation of drone-like imagery into TSCC should not in any way suggest there was/is a relationship between the original drone images and our show. The drone images are as much a puzzle to me as to anybody else...Maybe more so, as my obsession with their mysterious origins led me to go on and on about them in the writers' room...So much so that we ultimately used the mystery as a platform for "Earthlings Welcome Here."

It never occurred to me that anyone would use their inclusion in our show to cast any doubt onto the drones authenticity. They may be a hoax--it's ultimately a matter of faith for many--but the fact that the drones are discussed on TSCC is only a testament to their hold on my imagination.


Se ya'll back on the air Feb 13th.

No Fate,
Josh Friedman
Executive Producer, Creator, TSCC

Mac said...

Thanks for drawing the update to my attention, Intense.

Gareth said...

Tks Intense. Whitley draws a gargantuan sigh of relief.