Saturday, December 13, 2008

Skeptologists Attack Ufologists

Skeptics on the other hand, take on a heavy burden in giving themselves that name - it means they're imposing themselves as guardians or gatekeepers to science and the collective body of human knowledge. As such, when they fail to uphold fairness, and fail to understand something when criticising it, they deserve every bit of blowback that they get.

Bear in mind "Skeptologists" is actually the name of the show, not a condescending slur. Is it unreasonable to hope that another fringe group ending with "ology" might decide to sue?


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Anonymous said...

Now listen, nothing personal, but it is a personal constant irritation with bloggers all over: they quote something but don't give their opinion.

It's great that you draw our attention to it, but it would be even greater if you also just gave your opinion about it, don't just expect us to divine your thoughts. It's confusing. It's a blog after all, you afraid of something? Spell it out, even if it seems obvious to you.

(To me it seems like a lazy (cowardice?) cop out. If it interested you enough to post it, you must have an opinion about it. Not that I can't empathyze (is that a word?) with laziness. ;))