Sunday, January 11, 2009

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Intelligence and the Cosmos: Some Barely Restrained Musings

Maybe the reason we don't hear the incessant chatter of extraterrestrial radio transmissions or see megascale engineering works etched onto the dome of the night sky isn't because alien intelligences have uploaded themselves into addictive virtual environments; perhaps they've shed their physical forms, but in an altogether different fashion. They might inhabit a previously undetected cosmological substrate, enmeshed in the universe's deep structure as we twitch feebly on the surface, so many bacteria in an intergalactic Petri dish.


Anonymous said...

See "Accelerando" by
Charles Stross!
He also explains the Femi paradox as a simple bandwidth problem.


Marilyn said...

I had never really considered that as a possibility, And I suppose that it could be so with the same amount of ease that it could not be so.
I had always assumed - wrongly, maybe that UFO's were directly connected with Extraterrestrial Aliens.